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Fandrive is a suite of Facebook Page promotional apps with the best features around. If we don’t have a particular awesome feature, we can do it just for you.Fandrive, as its name suggests is a suite of Apps aimed at driving fans to your Facebook Pages. Additionally it may also give your visitors a more engaging and meaningful experience. If you’re an ex Wildfire, North Social or a ShortStack user and are looking for a replacement, then Fandrive is for you. Contact us and we will look into your needs and discuss your requirements. At Fandrive we don’t just market our apps but we use them ourselves and that makes us different – we know what you need even before you ask for it and we know how a good suggestion can give both our apps and your hard work more fan-engaging power! Check out our Facebook page for more info.


App Customization

Are our apps great but somehow missing that particular feature you were looking for? Did you have anything else in mind? Or perhaps you just wish to brand our apps with your own company logo? Whatever it is, feel free to contact us at fandrive@orangeservices.com.mt with your request and we will get back to you with our feedback and relative quotation. If by any chance you had in mind a totally new Facebook App or other Page enhancement. do not hesitate to enquire, we only can at best direct you to some other solution should one be already available. If not we will discuss and clarify your requirement and would proceed to quote for a workable solution to cover your specific needs.

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