Software Consultancy

Whether you wish to develop a new system, have issues or lackings in your existing setup, wish to prepare specifications for a new system, or simply require technical expertise and assistance in selecting or implementing a third-party application, then Orange Services can assist you. At Orange we have qualified and experienced personnel who will be quite happy to assist your company in:

  • Preparation of RFP for a Software Solution
  • Assistance in Short Listing of submitted tenders
  • Setup/Management of Project Team
  • Evaluation of Proposed Systems
  • Representation in Negotiations/Site Visits
  • Categorization/Prioritization of Customization Requests
  • Evaluation/Recommendations of Contract of Sale
  • Overseeing/Testing/Acceptance of any customizations
  • Production of User Documentation/Procedure Manuals
  • End-User Training
  • Assistance in Parallel Testing/System Implementation
  • Assistance/guidance in Data Migration
  • Assistance in integration to other systems

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